Tuesday, 14 April 2015

There were so many discussions recently about the damage to the nails because of using gel nail polishes... Which is more damaging - Sheelak or Gelish? Some women are still afraid of trying one or another and prefer not to polish their nails at all (which is absolutely their right ). I, personally, use Gelish on my own nails for 2 years non stop and didn't notice any changes in my nails condition. My nails are strong and growing long:-) So my verdict is-non of the brands do anything to your nails if applied, maintained and removed correctly! Of course you should look after your nails as you look after yourself, after your hair and skin. You should apply cuticle oil, moisturize your hands, not to use your nails as a can opener or scraping instrument. Sometimes, especially if your nails are not the strongest part of your body, you might experience some extra dryness, but that's why cuticle oil is recommended. And it's not proven what damages your nails more (if it does) -wearing nail polish or all the chemicals that targets your unpolished nails on a daily basis... So, my dear ladies, don't be afraid to try new things, but always make sure you get the best service possible and all your questions answered:-)

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